Vissla x Thomas Campbell Party

Friday evening we gathered at The Ecology Center with friends, family and some of the industry's finest to celebrate the launch of our Vissla Made For Thomas Campbell Collection. Our Vissla MAKE Container held pieces from the collection as well as the colorful quiver of Travis Reynolds surfboards sprayed by Thomas that inspired the collaboration. Both Travis and Thomas joined us for the event, as well a few other notable guests such as Jeff Ho, Tyler Warren and Andy Davis.

The Ecology Center made for the perfect backdrop to highlight our launch of this unique collection with Thomas Campbell. The Vissla MAKE Container was opened up to a beautifully lit courtyard of trees and plants where guests were able to enjoy drinks by Docent Brewing and an amazing spread of food by the The Ecology Center. Ray Barbee set the mood of the evening with an excellent set of musical vibrations and gave everyone an excuse to move and groove throughout the night.

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us!

Photos by Jeremiah Klein

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