To Protect & Surf | Vissla Sustainability

Our ‘To Protect & Surf’ initiative is our ongoing effort to minimize our environmental impact by improving our products and practices through more sustainable materials and means.


When we first started, 26% of our apparel line consisted of recycled or upcycled products, our boardshorts making up the majority of that number. Since then we’ve been able to move that number up to 55% by expanding our range of eco-product categories to include:
Eco-Lastics, Eco Hats, Eco-zy Flannels, Eco Fleece, Eco Wovens & Organic CottonTees.

We’re not perfect, but we sure are doing our best. 100% of our Summer collection boardshorts are made using sustainable materials and we’re excited to continue to grow our new product categories with the intention of reaching this level of achievement all across the board.

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