The Now | Bryce Young

Surfer Mag features Vissla's Bryce Young in the latest episode of The Now presented by Vissla.

Just down the road from a righthand point in the tiny fishing village of Angourie, Australia, Bryce Young had everything he needed to become a great surfer—not the least of which was one of the greatest surfers of all time living under the same roof. "I just call him Dad," says Young of his father, Australian surf legend Nat Young. "He put me on the front of his board when I was about 4 years old and then handed me my own when I was about 5—a sick '80s thruster that was fluorescent orange, green, and yellow." Since then, Young has spent his life riding surfboards both modern and anachronistic, fine-tuning a style to suit them all. - Surfer Mag

Photos: Bryce Lowe-White, Kenny Hurtado Video: Bryce Lowe-White