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Surfing Magazine presents The Factory

For the next three weeks Surfing Mag and our boy Eric Geiselman will be posted up in Indonesia, and starting right now they’ll be posting what happens, as it happens. They’ve jumped straight into a few fun the video from the opening weekend above.

We'll be updating this page with the latest and greatest as the madness continues so keep checking back.

Welcome to The Factory

Day 2 at The Factory
At first light this morning we walked out of our six bedroom luxury villa (the nicest place any of us have ever stayed) and straight into perfect surf. The type of waves that offer anything and everything and they just didn’t stop. Everyone got shacked (including your Editor!), Eric almost pulled a f–ked up flip, and by midday — when the tide sucked out and wind whipped up — the boys came back to the villa satisfied, cracked a cold Bintang, studied the footage and photos, nitpicked their surfing to pieces and vowed to go way bigger in the morning. So yeah, click play above, and then check back tomorrow to watch these guys outdo themselves. - Surfing Mag

Here's What's Been Happeneing at The Factory
Saving clips? Never heard of it. Actually, maybe we have heard of it but that was before the SURFING Factory became a thing. In the spirit of keeping you, our dear readers, up to date with everything that’s going down with our crew in Bali, here’s a brand new edit from the past two days. - Surfing Mag

Watch Eric's Backflip
This wasn’t supposed to happen. Eric Geiselman, Evan Geiselman and myself were walking from SURFING’s not-very-humble concrete abode to Keramas. A wave surfaced at a peak we passed on the way — nobody was out and who were we to say no? There was a perfect air wind blowing into the lefts, which was ironic because, well, there were absolutely no lefts. After thirty or so minutes of nothingness, we realized that actual Keramas would be way more productive and decided to head down there…and then didn’t. Like, at all. Not for thirty minutes, until Evan finally decided to lead the charge and paddle down. Eric and I agreed on one more wave and on an unsuspecting little bowl, Eric launched and landed this behemoth. Sometimes, fate ain’t such a bitch.

Permanent Weekend
The weekend in Bali is over. But it’s not like that matters. Every day tends to feel like Saturday when massages are twenty dollars and beers are two and girls wear very small bikinis and average tattoos and the waves out front won’t stop being so goddamn fun. So, fare you well weekend — we’ll see you next time one of us decides to look at a calendar. Until then, here’s a little edit from a few surfs out front and some downtime around the house. We advise you don’t get too accustomed to the small waves. There’s a solid swell coming and, after all, Saturday is just a state of mind. - Surfing Mag

Eric Geiselman Interview
Our plan for the SURFING Factory was to have one crew for the first leg of the trip, one crew for the second, and one guy staying the whole time. Eric Geiselman is that guy. Eric has been here since day 1, and he has embraced the factory with open and kind of lanky arms. He’s landed flips. He’s swan-dove off of balconies (see @theroadsoda). He’s eaten cheeseburgers by the baker’s dozen and he’s kept us smiling and laughing at all times. With less than perfect waves today, we decided it would be a good time to talk a walk around his brain — press play and dive on in. - Surfing Mag

Dark Skies & Indy Grabs
Today wasn’t supposed to happen. Well, in one sense it was — May 30th has been right there on the calendar, sandwiched between the 29th and 31st. But it wasn’t supposed to happen in the sense of our expectations. Today was supposed to be the day. The day the waves would get their shit together. The day we’d finally get barreled. Not the day of wind and rain and a freakishly low afternoon tide and how many times should we check it and scratch our heads? A lot. More than someone with lice.

Chippa Wilson, Eric Geiselman, Conner Coffin and Matt Wilkinson don’t have lice. But they do have an obscene amount of surfing talent and there ain’t no wave on earth that can thwart their ambitions to flare. So they didn’t just weather the storm today. They stormed the weather. Pissing on clouds with turns and bitch-slapping the wind with airs. At one point, a squall tried moving in and Chippa just stood out there on the beach naked, flexing, death-staring, and the squall just went away and turned into a rainbow. It was crazy. Then he went surfing, tried an indy grab and hugged the reef, like, for fun. It was crazier. See that and more in the edit above.

Even though today wasn’t the day, it was still a great day and perfection is just a state of mind anyway, right? - Surfing Mag

Hi, Performance
You’re not getting barreled in waves like this. And you’re not going to do the biggest turn of your life. However, in lieu of those things, you will find some of the finer ramps of your trip and hey, that combo you just did wasn’t half-bad. Here’s a high performance edit from the past few days at the SURFING Factory featuring Conner Coffin, Chippa Wilson, Eric Geiselman and Matt Wilkinson. Fun, isn’t it? - Surfing Mag