Stoked On | Travis Reynolds

Travis Reynolds was born in Santa Cruz Ca. in 1982. HIs parents are artists, his mother a painter/illustrator and his Dad, a photographer/architect. Travis was brought up with a creative outlook from day one. He started surfing down the street from his Mom’s house at Pleasure Point, in Santa Cruz at the age of 10. Two years later, his Dad moved to Hawaii, and ended up living on a sailboat in the Ala Wai Harbor on Oahu. Whenever Travis had any time off from school, he was with his Pops, staying on the boat, surfing the South Shore & soaking up the Hawaiian Culture. At 15 years old SC surfer/shaper, Michel Junod offered Travis a sponsorship on his surf team. This was his first glimpse into the board building world. Michel opened the door to his shaping bay, and for the next three years, Travis took this opportunity to learn everything he could while watching his boards be made. At the age of 17 Travis finished high school early, and found his way back to Hawaii, where he soon found home, on the North Shore of Oahu. That’s when he first picked up a planer and started experimenting and testing his own understanding of board building. Over the next five years, Travis found him self working along side master craftsmen, Brain King, Charlie Walker, Heitor Fernandez, and Luis Souza.

In 2005 Travis returned to his home town to build his craft in the water he grew up to know. Soon after his return, Travis was hired to shape for Geoff Rashe of M10. It was here, where he learned about production shaping and for the next 3 years he shaped 2,500 boards for M10, while keeping his own small board business growing. Come full circle he started renting space at Michel Junod’s shop, sharing the same glassers, mentoring under Michel and laminator Tony Mikus. In 2012 Steve Colleta approached Travis with the opportunity to work with him, and help him shape some of his Natural Curves surfboards. From this experience, Travis gained invaluable knowledge, the details of building fine tuned short board.

T. Reynolds enjoys creating and building with his hands, he is and artist to his core. When he allows himself the time, he finds inspiration from drawing, painting, wood work, and photography. He is known for incorporating all of this into his surfboards. In the past 10 years he has had the pleasure of collaborating with admirable artists, such as Thomas Campbell, Danny Clinch, Patrick Trefz, Alex Kopps, and Curtis Culig. With these artists, some unique and innovative creations have come alive. He has had his boards in art shows, Pop ups, and NYC fashion week.

Currently Travis lives 12 miles up the North Coast of Santa Cruz, with his family. He builds his boards out of the Santa Cruz Board Builders Guild, working with Doug Haut, Marc Andreini, Ashely Lloyd Thompson and glass master Doug Fletcher. Travis specializes in building his hand crafted custom surfboards, start to finish- shape, glass, sand. When Travis is not in the shop you can find him staying busy with his artwork and projects at home, on adventures with his love & baby boy, as well as surfing up and down the coast.

You can find out more on Travis at his website.