Spring 2016 Range | Costa Rica Field Trip

Even in the midst of a relentless, wave-filled, El Ni�o winter�we crave it. That equatorial warmth, that extended daylight, that time of waking up, living and falling asleep in your boardshorts. That feeling can be enjoyed anywhere you call home, but Derrick Disney and Jordy Lawler craved a place where that feeling lived unhindered forever.

They craved the richest coast in Central America. Costa Rica � those two words that drip from the tongue like salt water. The two young men flew to this eternal summer-land and indulged in this lush nation�s rejuvenating warmth. Joined by the two brilliant ticos, Tomas King and Federico Pilurzu, the four of them lived this dream, zipping out to long-lost islands in search of empty peaks, trying bizarre and fantastic shapes in offshore wind-kissed beachies. Indeed there is something continually pura (pure) that one feels traveling while wearing your coconut boardshorts through Costa Rica.

Perhaps it�s the warmth, or the freedom, or the excessive vitamin D, but Derrick and Jordy didn�t want to leave this dream. It was a Latin dream they would call�Pura Vissla.

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