Our latest ‘Sound Biscuits’ playlist features a vast array of sunburnt favorites via Nick Melanson and his bud Sepe. Tune in and read our catch up with Nick below.





Hey Nick ! What have you been up to lately?

Wasting my life away in the sano line.


Can you tell us who Sepe is what he does?

Sepes one of my closest friends, amazing musician, songwriter, surfer and lays tile day to day.


How has Sepe influenced your taste in music?

After school I’d go hang at the jetty at Doheny. I remember spending a lot of that time in the front seat of Sepes truck listening to songs he’d be working on, as well as various bands that inspired him. We’re still doing that 10 years later .


What kind of music do you listen to while you shape?

Been on a “Breeders” kick lately. Magnetic Fields and Silver Jews are always in rotation.


Rumor has it that Vissla is working on a profile film for you. What music direction would you like to see in that?

If this profile piece ever sees the light of day, I hope we can sneak in a song or two from Sepes new solo album he’s been working.


Can you tell me a little about your playlist with Sepe?

I threw some songs in from friends bands mixed in with others I think have a similar feeling. I have a 5 second fade set on my Spotify and that kinda dictated the transitions. Recommend it while listening to the mix


Any last words Coconut Nick?

Can someone leave the beach so I can go surf?