Escape to an easy mental place with our latest ‘Sound Biscuits’ playlist featuring country folk listening via Brian Elliott. Tune in and read our solid catch up with Brian below.

What’s up Brian, what have you been up to?

Hey! Lately just running around a bit. We just got back from Samoa with Derrick, Cam and Toby. That was wild. There was an earthquake, then a tsunami evacuation. A day or so after, everything kind of lined up and we got a nuts wave pretty damn good.

What kind of music have you been enjoying lately?

Lately, I’ve been all over the place with what I listen to. Everything just depends on my mood. Soul, reggae, folk, metal, etc. Whatever I’m feeling, I usually have a playlist for it.

You’ve been with Vissla since the very beginning. Has your taste in music changed over the years?

During the first little surf trip for Vissla in Baja in 2014, which was the first time I met Derrick, we were listening to the same music. That might’ve been the catalyst to our friendship in the beginning. You can kind of tell who a person is by what music they listen to and I was pleased when I heard what he was listening to. But honestly though, we’re still listening to the same kind of music. Maybe a little deeper into the genres but the same shit.

You have had your hand in every Vissla film, which one has your favorite soundtrack.

In my very unbiased opinion, “Toloka” has my favorite soundtrack. It isn’t a premier Vissla film, but it’s my favorite because I shot the majority of it, did the art and edited it entirely. It’s all my friends and some of the best surfing I’ve shot. I was in a good space and pieced together the music in a day or two to flow from start to finish. It’s a nice little ride of music.

Do you have a favorite surf film soundtrack of all time?

Beauty Pockets II has a great soundtrack. It’s short and sweet. There’s select songs from other surf films that are nice but skate videos have better soundtracks. 

Tell us about this playlist and where you drew inspiration from.

I found that these songs created a nice place for me mentally. They aren’t demanding; easy listening. Also, it’s a mix of love and heartbreak, with women or a sense of home and belonging. These are universal feelings I think everyone can relate to. Also, it’s a nice pace to listen to in a jacuzzi. 

Any last words?

I’d say to listen to this stoned or in a jacuzzi. 

How cool is shmolv?

Shmolv it the best. He’s an amazing surfer and golfer. Just an all around great guy. He’s got a real nice blue Subaru too. Raider Nation baby!

 Artwork by: Thomas Campbell