If you’re anything like us, working in silence is not an option. When it comes to glassing boards, no one does it better than Alex Villalobos aka Superwolf. So we tasked him with making us a playlist of the tracks that keep him at the top of his game while he's at work. Give his track selection a spin and read what he had to say when we caught up with him about it.

Hey Alex, whats going on? 

Me?… just hanging around. 

Can you tell us about your playlist? 

It’s tracks that I’ve compiled to put me in a nice mood for work or just anywhere really. Some ambient, some groovers, several classics. For me, it puts me in the right frame of mind to have a good day at work.

Rumor is you used to Dj back in Florida. Where was that and how did you get into doing that?

I am from Miami,  Florida, but I did not start DJing until I moved out here to California . I’ve been obsessed with music since a very young age. My fave bands when I was a kid were, Butthole Surfers, Sonic Youth, Alien Sex Fiend, and P.I.L.. Those bands influence a lot of the electronic records I buy nowadays. I still play records out in San Diego and Los Angeles on occasion. 

What was your Dj name?

I’ve always gone by my name, Alex Villalobos . Sorry it’s not Superwolf. 

What do you think has shaped your music taste? 

Family, friends, and environment . My dad was a musician. My friends have awesome taste in music , and the radio stations in Miami when I was growing up were next level.

Whats your desert island album?

That’s a really hard question for me. I’m known to always bring too many records everywhere I DJ. But I wouldn’t be bummed if I was left with only Spiritualized  “ Ladies and gentleman we are floating in space” and “later guided melodies” oh and anything Andrew Weatherall has touched. 

Supertramp or Wolfmother?

Trampmother! She’s taking the long way home!

I’ve been to a lot of surfboard factories and their music taste is usually Top 40s radio. Why do you think that is?

There are a lot of different personalities and music tastes in the average shop. Top 40 radio just keeps it peaceful. Best to work late at night when no one’s there and play what you want. But nowadays with ear buds and Spotify it’s much easier to listen to stuff you prefer. 

What’s the best live show you’ve been to?

Brian Jonestown Massacre at Belly Up 6 years ago or so was special. They played amazing and weren’t drunk and fighting with each other. That one stands out. 

You used to show up super late and bust out a bunch of boards. What kind of music would you put on during your late night lamination sessions?

All kinds of techno and house and my own DJ mixes. All things Wu Tang was also being played . Lots of indie stuff too. Majority was dance music though. 

Keep up with Alex's work here: @superwolf