Shaping Bay | Vissla Sydney Surf Pro

Manly Beach was alive and buzzing with the best surfers in the world. The Vissla Sydney Surf Pro was a one of it’s kind event that brought together our unique Creators and Innovators concept and combined it with world-class surfing. We invited 21 craftsmen including the likes of Hayden Cox (HaydenShapes), Wayne Lynch, Luke Short (LSD), Darren Handley (DHD), and many more to the event to shape a surfboard blank over two-hour periods. During that time, event-goers watched, learned and asked questions to the shapers as they planned, planed and sanded out their individual range of innovative and classic boards.

The event also featured a shapers and surfers competition where each shaper and one of their team riders took to the water as a team to compete against other shapers and their surfers.