A short film by Adam Burns of Vissla Creator & Innovator Derrick Disney in his hometown of Cardiff, CA.


*Derrick walks barefoot along the side of his house and stops at an old forgotten stack of surfboards. He glances at an old brownish yellow longboard located at the bottom of the pile. He thinks, "Ive always wondered how that thing rides" He quickly brushes the dust and leaves off the board and pulls it from the pile. Dented and dinged, the stoic 9.0 weighs what feels like a hundred pounds.

He loads the longboard in the back of his Ford ranger pick up truck and off to the beach he goes.

The sky is a bit moody, the waves small and the wind whispers along the coast. Derrick grabs the board, heads down the cliff and slides into the cold Pacific.

Local filmmaker, Adam Burns, peers through his lens to capture Derrick high-lining and gliding down the choppy lines. Derrick, intrigued by the board and half day dreaming, thinks back to who might of owned this board before and where it had been. A set approaches and Derrick is right into another one.

He manages to catch a handful of fun waves and on his last one ends up losing his board. He meets the board on the beach, picks it up and thinks, "this thing goes insane". The sun begins to set as the board finds its way back on the side of the house dripping feels revived and alive.*