Point Panic Recap & Results

Congratulations to B.K Holt & Kai Santos for winning the Bodysurfing & Handboarding Divisions of the 2016 Point Panic Experience! These individuals were also the only two wave riders whom advanced to both final heats on both days of competition. Though the surf was small, clean and somewhat inconsistent, all 50+ contestants took full advantage of the opportunity provided. From a fired-up 11-year old beach entry grommet to the small handful of elders in their 60’s, these pure wave riders came to Point Panic from the islands of Hawaii and Kauai, Australia, North & South America and various locations on Oahu.

Mahalo nui loa for perpetuating the purest form of wave riding at the best bodysurfing wave in the world! Hope to see you all again next year at Point Panic and don’t forget to pray for surf so maybe, just maybe, it’ll be “90 feet and glassy!”

1st - B.K. Holt
2nd - Mark Cunningham
3rd - Kai Santos
4th - Sean Enoka
5th - Chris Moore
6th - Mel Keawe
7th - Dane Goddard
8th - Pete Rea

1st - Kai Santos
2nd - B.K. Holt
3rd - Kaneali'i Wilcox
4th - Keali'i Manuwa
5th - Matt Solomon
6th - Wyatt Yee
7th - Blaine Lewis
8th - Jerry Meredith

Photos: Nick Ricca