Point Panic Experience 2017

Vissla and DaFiN are proud to work together again to bring you the iconic bodysurfing and handboarding contest, the Point Panic Experience!

Point Panic is one of very few bodysurfing contests with a long-term holding period, running from May, 2017 through September, 2017. Why so long? Because for Point Panic, conditions have to be perfect -- 90 feet and glassy.

This year is the 9th annual Point Panic contest. Past Point Panic Bodysurfing Champions include B.K. Holt (2x), Kai Santos (2x), Sean Enoka, Mark Cunningham, Mike Stewart (2x) and Kaneali’i Wilcox.

Competitors and spectators flood the South Shore of Oahu to join the madness, excited to perform and watch thrilling and innovative waveriding.

To learn more about Point Panic and to enter the contest, head over to Hawaiian South Shore.

Photos: Nick Ricca