Jordy Lawler 'EN MEXICO'


Creator & Innovator Jordy Lawler went to Mex for the first time... Based on his most recent edit, we’re guessing he’ll be back again. Hit play to give it a watch and check out the below for some backstory on the trip.




“We went down south of the border for a bit and scored 4 days of some pretty damn fun waves. Its probably the longest I’ve gone right actually haha. I’ve been in Cali for a month now and I’ve been bloody loving it. This trip came about when i was surfing at Lowers and got invited to go from a couple new found mates from San Clemente, Taj Lindblad and Jeremy Carter. My goal for being over here in Cali was to go to Mexico, surf with Bobby Martinez and qualify for the WCT.” –– Jordy


Looks like he's off to a good start!


*Film: Noah McPherson*