Jason Woodside Residency X The Ecology Center

We are so stoked to share some bits and pieces of Jason Woodside’s artist residency at The Ecology Center. Check out a few words about Jason’s residency from the Founder of The Ecology Center, Evan Marks: 

"For two weeks in June, we hosted Jason and his lovely wife Bella for a full creative immersion on the farm. Jason rolled up his sleeves channeling his creativity into an immense body of work, in mediums from surfboards to screen printing to spray painted canvas of various shapes. Jason’s art inspired all of us as he tapped into some real magic, the magic often felt when one taps into deep relationship with the land. The spirit found in his art, the colors and shapes, is as abundant as his warmth and kindness. We are grateful for the opportunity to create and learn together. We hope you enjoy!" – Creator and Innovator, Evan Marks

A big thanks to Jason Woodside and The Ecology Center for hosting this collaborative experience and event on the farm! Some of Jason’s work is still available for purchase here.

Photos by The Ecology Center & Brian Elliott