Is Surfing A Sport? | Brendon Gibbens

Is surfing a sport?

Brendon Gibbens: It all depends on the individual. Someone that's competing would probably view it more as a sport because they're cross-training, eating right and getting prepared for events. In a way, I viewed surfing as a sport when I did the 'QS for two years. But now that I've been shooting with guys like Joe G and Kai [Neville], I almost view it as...[laughs] sounds corny, but I'd almost say it's an art of some sort. I have more of a sense of freedom in what I do now. I can surf however the hell I want. I didn't like that I had to conform to criteria when I was on the 'QS. But it's good to have that dichotomy within surfing. If everyone were a freesurfer or everyone were a competitor, it'd be lame.

From the latest issue of Surfing Mag.