Introducing Eric Geiselman

Vissla is proud to introduce the talented and stylish Eric Geiselman. A polished, young East Coast icon, Eric excels in an array of disciplines from film, music, skate and surf and on a variety of eclectic craft, truly making him a Surf Everything, Ride Anything kind of guy.

We decided to give him a visit where he was born and raised on the rampy wedges of New Smyrna Beach, Florida to a talented shaper-dad.

Not surprisingly, Eric’s talents aren’t limited to the realm of surf. An adept fisherman Eric is also an extremely gifted musician to boot. A talented guitarist, keyboardist and drummer, Eric creates original music and is a prodigy on the piano. He’s also lethal in the park and skates at a gnarly level that’s equally as stylish as his surfing.

Visit Eric's Creator & Innovator page.