Introducing Eco-Shirts

Introducing our new Eco-Shirts - made with earth-friendly materials.




***Hemp*** is a natural fiber, harvested and processed by hand, that is cultivated with low impact on the environment. Organic by nature, it flourishes without irrigation or synthetic fertilizers, making it gentler on the earth. With a linen-like texture, hemp is one of the most durable natural fibers on the planet.


***Organically grown cotton*** is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, from seeds which have not been genetically modified. It is a far more time-consuming process, but the methods and materials used that lessen it's environmental impact are worth it. Organic cotton farming supports biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, replenishes and maintains soil fertility and uses less water.


***Recycled polyester*** makes use of existing plastic. Made from discarded plastic bottles, it reduces our dependence on petroleum as a raw material, diverts used plastic from landfills and decreases toxic emissions from incinerators. It can be continuously recycled without quality degradation, promoting new recycling streams for polyester clothing that is no longer wearable.


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