HSSTUDiO by Hadenshapes

“Innovation and design is a huge part of the Haydenshapes brand DNA and personally I’m motivated by progression within surf across all categories. From our perspective, improving surfers’ experience is key particularly when it comes to purchasing hardware. HSSTUDiO elevates the digital experience of ordering a custom surfboard.”
-Hayden Cox

Vissla Creator and Innovator Hayden Cox of Haydenshapes is proud to unveil HSSTUDiO, an interactive online custom surfboard designer and the most sophisticated and innovative consumer customization platform to launch in surf.

Haydenshapes' latest innovation, HSSTUDiO, is a responsive pinch and zoom 360° online board builder. It allows customers to view the shape and design of a board and customize the detail of their surfboards in true-to-life digital form. It’s the next best thing to physically standing in the bay with a shaper. But this, you can access anywhere any time from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

HSSTUDiO draws from a database of more than 15,000 custom surfboard specifications based on the Haydenshapes model range. As users input their personal data, it selects dimensions based on their height/weight, varying to fit certain board model types. It also allows a certain level of freedom for surfers to make specific dimensional tweaks with live board volume updates to match the their preferences and needs without changing or effecting the performance of the board.

Then comes the visual element. HSSTUDiO gives users the option of selecting and customising Haydenshapes artworks from full prints and color variations, to matte/gloss tonal polish options styled on Haydenshapes premium and stylish brand aesthetic.

All surfboards ordered through the HSSTUDiO are manufactured through Haydenshapes’ custom in-house facilities in Australia and USA, shipped worldwide.

HSSTUDiO is now live at haydenshapes.com/hsstudio.