High Five | Marvelous Mavericks

The third of the High Five series by Vissla photographer Jeremiah Klein features photos from the one and only, Marvelous Mavericks...

Photo 1
This image along with the other five in this series were all shot on the day of days on February 4, 2016 up in Half Moon Bay California during the El Nino winter. Believe it or not this was my first time shooting Marvelous Mavericks. The morning was so frustrating because I was stuck on the road headed north and the waves were south. After getting lost on a sneaky road I eventually found the beach and this glorious angle looking straight into the left.

Photo 2
I never knew Mavs was such a perfect slabbing wave. Its amazing how far paddle surfing has come at this place but if tow surfing ever makes a comeback, some big wave gladiator will be able to back door the biggest barrels on the West Coast.

Photo 3
This image was shot using a tilt/shift lens which has a unique look using focus and depth of field. It gives it an illusion of looking at a miniature model. The waves were in no way miniature this day as you can see the giant 20 foot peak out the back.

Photo 4
It was scary watching from land and can’t imagine how much adrenaline was going through the veins of the dudes in the water. One miss timed paddle or a jetski engine breaking down and you have a lot of liquid coming down on your neck. At least you won’t die thirsty.

Photo 5
Halfmoon Bay’s motto is Live, Work, Play. This last image kind of sums up that feeling. If you want to live, don’t get worked so you can play another day. This was a special swell and am so thankful everyone who surfed made it back to dry land in one piece.

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