High Five | Lennox Head, Land of the Natural Footer

The second of the High Five series by Vissla photographer Jeremiah Klein features photos from Lennox Head, otherwise known as the Land of the Natural Footer...

Photo 1
I assume Red Rock got its name from the red rock just north of the take off zone. All week there had been shark sightings around Lennox Head and an hour after this photo was taken the man in the grey suit cleared the line-up. I hope they never have to change the name of this wave to Red Water.

Photo 2
This was my first time at Lennox and was blown away by the beauty of this famous headland. The car park is on the hill overlooking the point and the morning sun comes up over the horizon making everything look dreamy. Makes me wish I was a regular footer.

Photo 3
Locals were telling me that Lennox isn’t a very good wave unless there is plenty of sand. Australia has such good sand flow compared to Southern California. After watching this wave for two days I was amazed at how quickly the sand bar moved farther and farther down the point.

Photo 4
There were so many makable tube rides that went down this day. The surfers would take a wave all the way in and then run back up the point and repeat until their tired legs and smile muscles had enough. .

Photo 5
Waves on shallow sand points move thick and fast with river like currents. But if you make it far enough out the back, a reverse current can help push you back up the point. The problem of course is deciding how far to paddle before catching another drainer.

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