High Five | France Part II

Part II of "High Five | France" by Vissla photographer Jeremiah Klein.

Photo 1
Camping on the beach and waking up to a perfect right peeler would be amazing. The sixty madams and monsieur's sharing the same view is not so amazing.

Photo 2
Green room grinder, oui oui. The evening light in France is the best.

Photo 3
Where’s that guy in the boat going? Maybe to much cheese and wine to surf? Maybe he shouldn’t be driving the boat? Maybe he’s a goofy footer? What ever the reason, he’s blowing it. That right hander will go away in 30 minutes after the tide fills in.

Photo 4
You can wait on the inside bar and get the best tube of your life but you’ll have to dodge the outside wash throughs to get rewarded. There is a reason I’m shooting this session from dry land.

Photo 5
Here’s a small taste of western France. If you want the full meal you’ll have to go check it out for yourself.