High Five | Baja Mexico, Part II

The fifth of the High Five series by Vissla photographer Jeremiah Klein features photos from Part II of a journey down to Baja Mexico.

Photo 1
Mexico is a place filled with character. There are so many vibrant colorful accents that make taking pictures down there fun. I love the leading lines in this image and how the red tin roof adds contrast to the blue/green wave.

Photo 2
During this swell I had a hole in my ear drum but the best angle to shoot was from the water. That being said, I filled my ear with vaseline, wrapped it in a bandage and put on a swim cap under my hooded wetsuit. Then paddled out on a boogie board from the beach to the channel and was able to time the sets without having to duck dive. Getting in was the tricky part…

Photo 3
This is Derrick Disney surfing, and it's one of my favorite images I’ve ever created in Baja. There is so much going on here with foreground and background and of course the wave looks super fun which is so inviting for my surfing skill level.

Photo 4
Unidentified finding a golden sombrero on a gorgeous offshore evening. If only there was a restaurant on the beach you could get tubes and tacos all day long.

Photo 5
The water is brown, check, and smells like untreated sewage, double check, but its the price you pay for uncrowded olas. Probably a good idea to have all your immunization shots before you venture south of the border.

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