High Five | Baja Mexico, Part I

The fourth of the High Five series by Vissla photographer Jeremiah Klein features photos from a place indescribable by words... Baja Mexico.

Photo 1
The hot morning sun is coming up behind us as the smell of burnt trash fills our nostrils. We pay the guard for parking and walk down the cobble stone street to check the beach break. This is the first wave we see, this is Mexico!

Photo 2
The beach breaks get really crowded on hyped swells but sometimes you can find a peak to yourself if you get on it early enough.

Photo 3
Most of the life threatening danger fades after you get past Tijuana but once on the beach another danger awaits you. These board breaking waves can hit you hard but with big risk comes big reward.

Photo 4
The waves are raw and the tacos are addicting. It’s a place with an edge, gritty and not for the person who loves comfort. For those who don’t mind getting dirty and love and adventure this is paradise.

Photo 5
Baja Mexico has so many different waves. This spot can get super fun on the right swell and tide. As you can see the locals are as vicious as kittens.

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