Field Trip | Metallica in Costa Rica

Many people find solace in a surf trip, taking the time to recharge and regroup. This is no different for Robert Trujillo and Kirk Hammett of Metallica, except in addition to recharging and regrouping, these two use a surf trip to get fired up for their next show.

The guys surfed a secret break down in Costa Rica, dodging rocks and whatever else was lurking beneath them… Between surf sessions, they relaxed on the beach, playing music, tossing a frisbee, exploring the tide-pools, and even doing their part to keep the beach clean by doing a trash pick-up.

The crew had the beach to themselves, allowing for a perfect break from autographs, photo selfies, and tour madness. But, at the end of the week, feeling recharged, Metallica put on a show for a sold out stadium crowd.