Creators & Innovators Tour | West Coast Dates

We just took the East Coast by storm. Now it's the West Coast's turn.

Vissla is supremely psyched to announce its very first “Creators and Innovators Tour”.

Curious about creative crafts?
Join us then and sample ingenious shapes by the likes of Hayden Cox, Jeff McCallum, Donald Brink and Danny Hess. Step onto something groovy and asymmetrical. Feel a board with a forked swallow-tail. Pick one up with hips like a Nordic supermodel. By the way, each stop closes with a night-party hosted by D’Blanc featuring live music by Klincewicz, singer of the band Lube.
Embrace the freedom to surf anything and ride everything.

West Coast tour is supported by our good friends at Primo Beer.


July 29 - Steamer Lane, CA
Party - 9pm @ Motiv