Creators Gathering 2022

This year, we brought our Creators & Innovators  together at the Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano for another rendition of our annual Creators Gathering. As an innovative, sustainably minded farm in the middle of Orange County, the Ecology Center provided for a quiet, removed setting for creative collaboration, board building, and good times. For a few days on the farm, the craftsmen came together to riff on board design, surfing, & sustainability – leaving the trip with fresh ideas and tangible learnings on a more sustainable way of life.
Film & Edit by Brian Elliott.
Special Thanks: Evan Marks & the entire staff at the Ecology Center, Paul Naude, Vince De La Pena, US Blanks, Donald Brink, Max Caldwell, Chef Doug.
Off-beat moments and memories from a great week at the Ecology Center. Get a free Creators Gathering printed zine with any purchase from our Creators Collection while supplies last.
Creators & Innovators: Alex Lopez, Alex 'Superwolf' Villalobos, Chad Jackson, Cliff Kapono, Danny Hess, Derrick Disney, Donald Brink, Evan Marks, Jack Coleman, Jeremiah Klein, Noa Mizuno, Brian Elliott, Nick Melanson, Travis Reynolds, and Thomas Campbell.