#CreativeSpace Winner | Eagle & Pig Barber

Last week we launched an Instagram contest with Surfline asking users to enter by posting a photo of their creative spaces and tagging #CreativeSpace. Now we check in with last week's winners, @PigBarber (Dane Hesse), and his photographer friend, @steve_mo_money (Stephen Morissette).

Be sure to visit Dane for a hair chop at Eagle & Pig if you're ever in the area.
All photos by Stephen Morissette. Make sure to check out his website and blog.

Hey Dane, can you tell us a bit about what you do?

Well, I am a Barber by trade, but I also dabble with old cars, build things from wood and metal, etc. I represent Uppercut Deluxe as a brand ambassador in the US and I am apart of the Hubcat Originals Car Club.

How many years have you been a barber and how did you get started?

I've been barbering for 4 years now. My path took me to Vanguard University where I graduated with a degree in History and Political Science. From there, I thought that I was headed to law school, but instead I went to the Real Barbers College. That's where I earned the "Pig Barber" moniker.

Where is your creative space located?

The center of the universe...Costa Mesa.

Tell us a bit about your creative space and what it means to you.

My shop is situated in a warehouse with the intention that it's multipurpose. It's a direct reflection of who I am. Surfing, tattoos, skateboards, old trinkets, and a weird jumbled collection of stuff that's supposed to make you look around.

The space means a lot to me. It's been organic growth at every level. Business. Decorating. Personal. It's just awesome.

What is your favorite part of your creative space?

The fact that I built a lot of what's in there by myself or was graciously gifted weird things is probably my favorite part. It's mine. I used to just move things around to keep people asking "is that new?"

Any last words?

Thanks to my boy Steve for taking a few rad photos and not telling me he was using them in a contest, Vissla for selecting us as winners, and my beautiful wife for always putting up with me.

Thanks Dane! Keep on chopping!

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