Cosmic Creek Behind the Boards Pt.1 | Britt Merrick

Much of surfing's history can be traced through surfboard design. Each year, one of the most fun, educational parts of Cosmic Creek is the surfboards. Whether it's the thick, down-railed single fins of the seventies or the skatey, curvey twin fins of the 80s, the surfboards ridden at Cosmic give us a direct line into surfing's experimental eras and the way people were surfing on these crafts.

As we approach the 25th Annual Cosmic Creek event, we thought it would be cool to check in with some of the shapers today for a look back at these boards they or their label made back in the day. To kick it off, we stopped by the CI factory to pay Britt Merrick a visit and have him feel out a 1970's stinger shaped by his dad, Al Merrick.

Video by Brian Elliott.