Cosmic Children 2016

**Cosmic Children 2016 **

Vissla is pleased to announce the 11th annual Cosmic Children Festival!

Coming soon June 17th (Santander) and 18-19th in Playa de Liencres, Spain.

The Cosmic Children Festival is a retro-style surf event paying tribute to an earlier era back to the alternative, more experimental time of surfboard design. A time where surfboards ruled the shops, when shapers were gurus, and surfing had a mystical soul about it.

The 11th Cosmic Children Festival will arrive to shore with 4 divisions including :




-Shred your Shape


Inspiring surfers from 3 different generations will be connecting the past, present and future of surfing and its culture in its purest form, ranging from classic and retro surf, to the more contemporary and experimental.


Participants will get into a real comp for the first time ever in this festival. They will enter together in the Single Fin and Retro series but will be judged separately. Surfing legends, girls and groms will have their time too.


A new feature this year is the Creators and Innovators Shred Your Shape division which invites Pro Shapers and Amateurs

**Pro Shapers **

show us what they can do on their own craft in their own surf event. Already confirmed are more than 25 international shapers from from around Europe and abroad such as Donald Brink (California), Taz Yassin (Canary Islands), Christian Bradley (Australia/France), Mark Phipps (Australia/France) Phil Grace (Australia/France), Damien Marly (France), Kinich Ahau (Spain), Kike Panera (Spain), Marcus Lascelles (England) and Matia Zulberti (Italy), Nuno Matta and Nick Urricho (Portugal), John Tsoutis (Greece), Kevin Olsen (South Africa) to name just a few with more to come.

These Creators & Innovators will ride a craft they shaped themselves inspired by the late 60�s to 90�s time period and will be judged on a mix of performance and style with cash prizes.

**The Amateur Shred Your Shape Event**

will be open to anyone that has ever shaped a surfboard, with the only condition being that you must ride your own board. If you have ever shaped a board, come on down and show us what you can do on it! If you have made at least 50% of the board you surf,

you are welcome to enter.

The best surfers in each category will get into a great final to surf for a boat trip to Mentawaii, a Surfcamp in Maldives, customs surfboards and plenty of giveaways.


Surfing Families will enter a �Tag Team� format with teams of up to 3 generations in which grommets, parents and grandpas will surf for the honor of their surname, and a weekend trip with Mercedes-Benz V-Class to build their dream custom surfboard.

Fancy dress, bodysurfing, finless, alaias and bizarre surfboards expression sessions will also take place.


17 / JUNE -** Friday night Vissla will present its latest movie premiere Dream Steeple at the Lighthouse in Santander

18 - 19 / JUNE -** D'blanc will host a free Rock&Roll concert Saturday and Sunday at Liencres Beach.

The Cosmic Children Festival is open to the public and is a true gathering of legends, groms, craftsmen, musicians, environmental activists, artists and storytellers. Cosmic has become a soulful grassroots eclectic surf gathering, a celebration of heritage and platforms to swap ideas about surfboards, music and art. It will be a great weekend for anyone that loves the spirit of surfing.

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