Checking In w/ Toby Mossop

Australia’s Toby Mossop is about to board a plane for Hawaii, putting in another 7-week Apprenticeship on the Rock. This time last year Toby had just finished school, but something tells us his education is just getting started.

Q. What was the biggest thing you learned from Hawaii last year?

I learnt there is a lot of traffic in the line up! There is an energy about the north shore that is super cool and is definitely a place where someone could make a name for themselves! I learnt a lot from Keanu Asing and John Shimooka about the culture and respect that you need to give while over there.

Q. What was your favourite North Shore experience?

The best thing was hanging out with a lot of the local crew, which helped me learn a lot in and out of the line up. And then from a surfing perspective, was getting a gem while the Pipe Masters was on hold one morning. That made me psyched to go back again this year.

Q. What are you looking forward to the most about this winter on the rock?

Getting away from work!! Haha Nah, probably just taking everything that I learnt from last year a step further this time and snag a few more waves at Pipe and Backdoor. They are my favourite waves over there.

Q. What quiver are you taking over with you?

I’ll be taking over a bunch of ACSOD boards between 5’9 and 7’2. Alex Crews is the guy behind them. He is a legend of a bloke and was stoked to help me out with the quiver to take over. Really appreciate all of his help to get them out in time.

Q. What spot do you want to get more experience at?

Pipe for sure. I’ve had a few sick ones at backdoor but I have never got a gem at Pipe! It’s so scary. So hopefully I can get over my fear of surfing my backhand in big waves... see how I go!

Interview by Brad Bricknell