Checking In w/ Che Allan

We check in with the kid from Barbados, Che Allan as he prepares for this year's Vissla ISA World Junior Surfing Championship in Japan.

"I had a super busy Summer spending almost all of it on the road, but I did get to sneak home for a few swells and parties too, haha! My Summer started in Mexico at the WSL Los Cabos Pro Jr. where I took the win and moved to 2nd in the North America rankings. Then I came home for a few weeks...the waves were pretty terrible so I spent most of my days working on my dad's dairy farm and most of my nights partying with all my old friends that came home from college.

Then I headed back to Acapulco, Mexico for some WQS points before going to California for a month where I stayed with Cole Houshmand's family. Growing up in warm water and point breaks it takes me a while to get used to surfing beach breaks in wetsuits. So, coming over early for the US Open definitely paid off when I finished 4th in the Juniors Division. I also spent a lot of time over there visiting my sponsors and shooting in some pumping Lowers. California in Summer is the place to be for a surfer! So much going on.

When I finally got home after all that time traveling there were overhead glassy conditions my whole stay. It was really rippable and there were a couple tubes too, so my dad didn't see me on the farm much that time. After I made the most of my little time in paradise I headed to Virginia Beach for ECSC where I grinded to the Semi-Finals to stay 2nd in the rankings. Then we drove up to the Outer Banks of North Carolina where there was another QS but more importantly, hurricane swell! I got 2 days of big brown beachbreak barrels with some of my East Coast family like Simon Hetrick. Now I head home to good swell in a few days before flying to Japan for the Vissla ISA World Juniors, really excited to get out to that side of the world again. It's been one hell of a Summer!!!"