Checking In w / Bryce Young

When Seasons Change w / Bryce Young

You can feel the change the in air. The way it nips at your ears at dawn – not icy yet, but enough to remind you that summer is over. It’s my favorite time of year, autumn in the southern hemisphere.

Early offshores brush hidden point breaks and a thin layer of light neoprene replaces the uniform of the summer. The sun moves with the changing of the season and with it new hues appear across familiar vistas.

Our rituals change. The morning gears grind a little slower and the days become shorter with beachside fires warming post session chills. Anticipation grows as long period swells start to show. It’s not the main game, yet, but the warm up reminds us of what’s to come - colder days and thicker suits, gale force southerlies, frosty mornings and majestically groomed swells – But for now, we’re lapping up the glowing days and fresher starts, for the brush strokes of winter are just around the corner.

Bryce Young dancing under the autumn lights.

Words: Brad Bricknell