Checking In w/ Brendon Gibbens

Checking in with our South African mate Brendon Gibbens, trapped in the Orange County/Los Angeles bubble indefinitely. Take a peek at some photos he developed and was kind enough to share with us.

"These are some recent pictures I’ve taken during my stay in California. I’m quite diligent about carrying a camera with me at all times, because you never know what candid moments might just be worthy of capturing. Even though southern California is one of the most photographed areas in world, I still think one can never disregard how unique it is…

From a social stand point, it’s the most diverse place I’ve ever visited. Every different type of character and personality can be found here. Another frightening epiphany I had, was acknowledging just how many people live in this part of the world. I thought Cape Town was a fairly big city, but it has nothing on Los Angeles.

With all the chaos that happens around here, I try my best to avoid it. I guess that’s why the images are quite banal. Taking pictures feels good. It’s definitely a rewarding hobby of mine".